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Mother Teresa

"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." 
― Mother Teresa
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A Universe of Possibility

"Let us suppose, now, that a universe of possibility stretches beyond the world of measurement to include all worlds: infinite, generative, and abundant. Unimpeded on a daily basis by the concern for survival, free from the generalized assumption of scarcity, a person stands in the great space of possibility in a posture of openness, with an unfettered imagination for what can be… Life appears as variety, pattern, and shimmering movement, inviting us in every moment to engage. The pie is enormous, and if you take a slice, the pie is whole again… The action in a universe of possibility may be characterized as generative, or giving, in all senses of the word – producing new life… Emotions are abundant here: joy, grace, awe, wholeness, passion and compassion. Often people enter this state in the presence of natural beauty or at the sight of something of infinite magnitude, an expanse...Read More


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This training is going to be helpful to me in my current position . The knowledge I gained is making me more positive in going back and understanding the financial system of our organisations better and will help me perform more effectively. Roberta MatthewsWest Coast FET CollegeMalmesbury

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