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Imsimbi Computer Training offers certified Microsoft Office courses for anyone who wants to learn how to use the 4 main productivity tools within the Microsoft Office Suite. We focus on giving you a comprehensive grounding in how to use this software in a professional environment – to allow you to increase your work output and thereby become more valuable to your employer (or future employer).

Learning Microsoft Office is an essential skill for anyone looking to advance their professional career and become more effective in their jobs. Each course module is comprehensive and will give learners an in-depth look at the features available within each application. We also show them how to apply their knowledge in a real work environment.

If you are interested in gaining the skills required to become a proficient user of Microsoft Office, Imsimbi Training is the place to start. The skills we teach you are internationally recognised and will keep you up-to-date with the latest applications of this Software.

Have a look at our available selection of courses below and find the one applicable to your needs. For more information on any particular one, use the ‘Download PDF’ button and click here to contact us for quotes or bookings.

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Microsoft Excel – 3 Parts

Microsoft Excel is an industry-standard application for creating spreadsheets and working with numerical information like financial data – marketing data – training data and many other data sets. In our 3-Part Microsoft Excel course, we cover everything you need to know to become extremely proficient at using Excel – in a short period of time.

The 3-part training is designed to take learners who are just starting out and aren’t familiar with the interface or the program and teach them all the available features until they reach an advanced level of proficiency. It deals with everything from interacting with spreadsheets, doing calculations, analysing data to working with multiple workbooks and automation.

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Microsoft Word – 3 Parts

Microsoft Word is a word processor that is used for typing information and creating reports. Our Microsoft Word courses are split into 3 parts in order to introduce Word to learners who are at a novice level – and to train them on everything they need to know to get to intermediate and advanced levels.

We cover the editing of documents, formatting text, working with tables and charts, using templates and even how to collaborate on documents with other team members.

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Microsoft Powerpoint – 2 Parts

Microsoft’s PowerPoint software allows us to create high quality presentations for meetings or for training purposes. The training teaches learners to create slides and develop professional PowerPoint presentations.

Our PowerPoint course has 2 parts – which go from novice level – which covers the basics of navigating the software and setting up their slides with the right formatting – to the advanced module which will equip learners with the skills to utilise all the features that allow them to create truly professional presentations. They will learn how to modify the PowerPoint Environment, customise the design templates, automate various components and generally heighten their expertise in using the program effectively.

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Microsoft Outlook – 2 Parts

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most powerful email programs in the world. Our Microsoft Outlook course is designed to help learners to get the most out of the software. We teach all the fundamentals of using it to manage your personal information, your contacts, your calendar, your notes – as well as using it to organise your e-mail. Using a 2-part training approach, we first show them the basics of navigating the many features, composing messages, how to use calendars, how to create tasks and much more.

In the advanced module we cover all the features of the program that allow them to get to configure their messages – format their electronic cards – manage junk mail – design unique formats for their e-mail messages – manage their outlook data files – manage the security features of the software and many other advanced levels of functionality and work-sharing.

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If you need additional information on any of our training programmes please feel free to Contact Us and we will get back to you.

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