Imsimbi Training proudly presents

I-QEST Intelligence Course – 2 Days

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This 2-day course is presented by Michael Howard, a Registered Professional Engineer,
successful businessman and holder of a Master’s Degree in Philosophy, specialising in
Transpersonal Psychology. 



Michael Howard’s I-QEST Intelligence© can have a tremendous impact on the success and effectiveness of your work life, home life and community. It is aimed at strategic thinkers, opinion-makers and world-shapers… and those who are destined to be. Michael specializes in Transpersonal Psychology and the role it plays in self-development.
The benefits of intellectual intelligence (IQ) are well known. It is also known that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is vital in producing people who are able to work effectively in organizations at the highest levels. Today’s challenges demand that people go still further into self-knowledge and broader coherence. This is where Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) operates. The I-QEST Intelligence© Course highlights SQ without negating the value of IQ and EQ… it encourages attendants to know and understand fully.

This course is an invitation to go further on the quest of self-development to transpersonal awareness where business, personal and societal challenges can be solved with new clarity. Gain insight into your reactions to the world; view these reactions anew and learn to respond in appropriate and optimal ways informed by the intrinsically intelligent whole you. Uplift yourself, your colleagues and everyone you meet with The Seven Aspects of Spiritual Intelligence©.

The I-QEST system explains why some people are able to find solutions and solve difficult problems with seemingly uncanny insight; why some are resilient and find courage to continue in the face of major challenges. These people seem to have the ability to see beyond the habits of thought that constrain most of us. They expand their visions and lead and inspire those around them in the process.

The course helps delegates identify their stumbling blocks and gives them practical ways to get past them with optimal application of IQ, EQ and SQ. The learning environment is interactive and accepting. Michael facilitates a caring and supportive approach to encourage all delegates to embrace this most important, and deeply personal quest of self-improvement.

“I’ve been on a lot of self-development courses in my life and I can honestly say this course was totally life-changing. It was the right mix between helping me acquire modern tools for productivity and success as well as meeting my deepest needs to find inner peace and courage – I discovered these two endeavors  are actually one and the same. I have enthusiastically applied the mindfulness exercises and have seen The Seven Aspects of Spiritual Intelligence deliver benefits in my professional and personal life. I strongly recommend this course to anyone looking to breakthrough to new thinking and kick-start their self-development journey.” 

Steve Tsakiris – MD, Sound Foundations



Module 1: The History of Intelligence 

  • IQ, EQ and SQ Overview
  • Descartes and The West
  • The Problems We’ve Arrived At
  • Holistic Consciousness
  • Fuller Intelligence: Solutions for Self and World
  • Baseline SQ Questionnaire and SQ Map

Module 2: The Key: Mindfulness

  • Levels of Consciousness
  • Self-Image Exercise
  • The Mindfulness Process: Accessing Fully Conscious Thinking

    Phase One: Observe Input Phase
    Two: First Reaction
    Phase Three: Passive Phase
    Phase Four: Breakthrough Response
    Phase Five: Active Phase 



Module 3: The Key-maker: Meditation

  • Automaton versus The Watcher
  • Habitual Programs to Enlightenment
  • Bridging the Experiential Gap
  • Attachment and Letting Go
  • So What is Meditation
  • The I-QEST Meditation
  • Inner Self and Benevolence

Module 4: The Seven Aspects of SQ

  • Commitment
  • Enthusiasm
  • Openness
  • Generosity
  • Self-Control
  • Enthusiasm
  • Trust
  • Modesty
  • Self-Assessments: The 5-Step Process in Practice
  • Meditation / Deep Relaxation

Module 5: Self-Assessment Presentations and Discussion

  • Review
  • Presentations
  • Breakthrough Role Play
  • Discussion
  • The Matrix: A Mystical Vision
  • Evolution of Consciousness

Module 6: Passive – Active Equilibrium

  • Problem Solving
  • Business/Executive Success and Case Study
  • Personal Relationships
  • The World
  • Body-Mind-Spirit: Diet’s Effect on Mind
  • Discernment and Theodicy
  • Review and Writing a Letter to Myself: The Future