Imsimbi Training proudly presents

Emotional Intelligence and Team Building – 3 DAYS


Imsimbi Training is a fully accredited training provider with the Services Seta,
number 2147, as well as a Level 1 Contributor BBBEE company and 51% black owned


This course is accredited by the Services Seta and the material covers unit standard
252031 at NQF level 5 with 4 credits.




Imsimbi Training’s emotional intelligence and team building course is a powerful course that builds insight into different team members’ personality profiles and how this impacts on optimal team functioning. The Enneagram personality assessment is used as a basis for understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses at the same time as understanding the strengths and weaknesses of colleagues. Teaching colleagues to be more tolerant of differences. The course helps to develop optimal team functioning, so that diverse personalities, genders and ethnic groups complement the effective working of a team.

This course is an invitation to go on a journey of self-awareness and develop effective and
professional interpersonal skills. Furthermore, the course helps one understand and manage one’s negative emotions and increase one’s resilience. Negativity in a few individuals can easily derail the successful functioning of a team or department. Having a positive attitude is an important part of the course. People who have high levels of emotional intelligence and self-awareness and who are able to elicit the cooperation of their colleagues lead and motivate people, are a great asset for any organization.

The broad aim of this course is to create and maintain positive workplace relationships. The course is a fun based, interactive workshop helping to create an excellent team spirit within teams. The course is an interactive course where games, simulations, discussions, role plays are used to create an excellent well-functioning cooperative team environment. The course can be offered outdoors or indoors where groups and teams experientially learn about cooperative teamwork. The course is designed for busy teams who are currently under pressure and strain and need a day to re-establish good communication patterns and warm interpersonal relationships among team members.

The course helps delegates develop a range of tools and techniques for building their emotional intelligence for effective team functioning.




Module 1: Emotional Intelligence and Self-awareness

  • Self-awareness and Mindfulness
  • Emotional Intelligence Core competencies
  • Johari’s window
  • Enneagram Personality Test

 Module 2: Interpersonal Skills and Communication

  • Developing polished interpersonal skills with staff and colleagues
  • Listening Skills
  • Getting along with my manager
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Deal with tension and conflict more constructively
  • Conflict Management techniques
  • Learn how to give honest and candid feedback appropriately
  • Learn to receive negative feedback constructively
  • Good interpersonal behaviors
  • How to work well with people
  • The iceberg model – the Enneagram compulsions
  • Showing appreciation

Module 3: High Performing Teams

  • The Glen Parker Team Player Types
  • Team Roles
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Team development model
  • 5 Squares game
  • Characteristics of high performing teams

Module 4: Building Trust in Teams

  • Building Trust and Cooperation
  • How credible are you?
  • Trust walk
  • Building trust between team members

Module 5: Self-regulation: managing negative emotions

  • The skills of self-regulation
  • The skill of shifting focus and attention
  • Recognizing negative emotions & their negative impact
  • Temper negative responses
  • Techniques for managing and controlling one’s negative emotions
  • Managing anger – the Amygdala hijack
  • Learn how to work more effectively with difficult people
  • The ability to heal – the healing process
  • Finding the gift in difficult times
  • Managing stress

Module 6: Developing a positive emotional focus

  • Gratitude
  • Counting your blessings
  • Making a daily choice to be happy
  • The law of positive attraction
  • Learn how to channel energy and enthusiasm to motivate
  • Developing empathy
  • Empathy in the workplace
  • Emotional Intelligence Test

Module 7: My Purpose and Goal Setting

  • Identifying my soul purpose or life purpose
  • Reflections on my talents, gifts and core genius
  • Motivation, passion and energy




“The best course I have ever attended in my career. Thank you for changing my life and steering me in the best direction for continued self-awareness and growth.” – Mariaan Mybergh, CSIR

“The course was more than just training. It was heartfelt, spiritually uplifting and life-changing. Arguably the most meaningful and professional training I have ever done. Thank you for making it so special.” –  Terry Goliath, BMW Group
“I attended the course you offered in Emotional Intelligence and Personal Mastery and my life has never been the same since. I notice that I have developed a lot of empathy and self-awareness. I no longer fight or argue over every little thing. Your method of offering the course and your openness is so unique.” – Mmabatho Gwangwa, South African Reserve Bank
“I would recommend this course to anyone. A brilliant teacher and guide. Beautiful presentation. I value the ability to teach a person the meaning of life and the ability to find yourself. A wonderful course and would do it again!” – Keith Pillay, Board of Healthcare Funders
“It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing this letter of recommendation for Imsimbi’s course on Emotional intelligence. I hope my perspective will be helpful to you as you evaluate this exceptional course. During the course I discovered myself and my inner strength. Their creative ideas for presentations and activities were inventive, entertaining and very effective. This experience had a profound effect on my life, not only did my self-confidence improve but also the way I see the future.” – Hendrik Beukman, Goldfields
“One of the best courses I have attended in my life. A very beautiful venue and facilities.” – Atty Sobayeni, CIE“The training is life changing. I would definitely recommend the course to all my friends and colleagues.” – Mpho Maneta, Media 24
“One of, if not the best course, I have ever attended! Can’t thank you enough for the course.” – Dawn Wyngaard, IEB
“This is a course to attend over and over again. I loved it. I would love for the whole of SAS to attend this course. The facilitator David was amazing, with a phenomenal personality. – Lesego Rapoo, SAS Institute
“I enjoyed every moment. The facilitator was superb. I discovered myself. The course was awesome. The facilitator, staff and training atmosphere were remarkable.” – Dinah Sithole, Samchem
“Excellent. To be recommended to my whole team at Accenture Procurement. This course is a must!! Excellent coverage of material!” – Sanet Gardner, Accenture.
“I would recommend this course to every employee in my company. Please encourage our HR to send all employees on the course. – Lizette van der Merwe, Bestmed.
“This was the best course ever and I am going to advise all my colleagues to come and do this course. All my managers as well. Thank you so much for this opportunity.” – Olive van Dyk, Bestmed.
“It was an outstanding and life changing course. I will be definitely referring this course to others.” – Shahim Sarlie, Pick n Pay
“I appreciate that you took us through the training with great skill, knowledge, humour and consideration for every person.” – Lizelle Nel, Hollard Insurance
“I appreciate every one of the three days spent on this course. A lot was learnt about myself. Your patience, knowledge and sense of humour was great. The whole experience was amazing. – Roxanne Mather, Steiner
“I really enjoyed the training. It will definitely change my life. I have learnt a lot, my life will change positively.” – Lester Beyers, SAS Institute
“The training was very helpful. It helped me in ways which I thought wasn’t possible. It made me realise my great strengths. So, thank you David for the wonderful week with lots of knowledge.” – Business Partners, Ntombi Mokale
“Great course and team. Really enjoyed the course. David keep up the good work. Stunning work!!” – Sanlam, Nothemba Bayi
“This course has uplifted me in such a way that I will now be able to have peace with myself and with others. It helped me to gain confidence and to see others in the best possible light. It has helped me to be more passionate and helpful in the workplace and elsewhere. The facilitator David was excellent.” – Patience Mashau, IDC
The course was fun, motivational and comforting, but mostly inspiring and life changing! The facilitator was very warm and friendly, confident and inspirational.” – Jessica Lunsky, Pick n Pay
“Great course! Thank you very much! Hope to see your business grow from strength to strength. The environment created, which allowed for free participation.” – Patrick Kaka, African Resonance
“Thank you it was lovely. I feel like a brand new person. The food was divine. Everything was good.” Gabisile Ngcobo, Media 24
“Great course and great to meet David who was of great help during the course. Thanks so much!!” – Krones, Andre Roos
“It was an invigorating and enlightening experience. Thank you to all in the team.” – Fawzia Naidoo, CIE
“A beautiful course. A wonderful group of people and a brilliant facilitator.” Kajel Dewoonarain, Imdex Limited
“Thanks again for the opportunity so that we could attend this course. Surely it impacted my life tremendously.” – David Lumley, SMEC
“The programme was very useful, life-changing and empowering.” Sigfried Tirana, Department of Science and Technology
“This is a much-needed course for working people. The facilitator was amazing, very knowledgeable  and shared many personal experiences and practical examples.” – Karabo Mlambo, Department of Science and Technology
“David, you taught me so much. I look forward to our next training. You are amazing at your job. Thanks.”
“I appreciate your gentle way of teaching; sharing your personal challenges and achievements with us.” – Zarika Baartman, BMW
“Definitely an amazing growing course. Thanks for your passion and laughter.” – Heyno Landman, The Dental Warehouse
“This is a very well put together course. I really enjoyed it, it was great. I loved the interaction. I learned a lot and I am definitely going to really apply what I learned.” – Amanda Visser, Hoya Hill Optics



This programme is a fun and highly interactive team building course using practical tools and techniques for
delegates to master. Over 21 practical techniques and tools will be practically applied by delegates in the
classroom and at work and home after the course. An assignment also re-inforces the new skills learnt.

The 21 practical techniques and activities covered in the course ensure learners practice and
implement the skills learnt

Activity 1 –  Expectations Exercise
Activity 2 – Setting Boundaries
Activity 3 – Johari’s window – Self Awareness
Activity 4 – Am I open to change and growth
Activity 5 – The Enneagram Personality Test – understanding my personality; Assessment & full 8 page personality profile per learner
Activity 6 – Understanding the Enneagram Personality profiles of my colleagues; How do I respect and understand different personalities
Activity 7 – Listening skills; Role play/Simulation in class
Activity 8 – Good interpersonal behaviours and virtues and bad interpersonal behaviours; Group discussion & self assessment
Activity 9 – Practice Giving Constructive Negative Feedback; Role play/simulation in class
Activity 10 – Conflict Management – my style
Activity 11 – Cooperation 5 squares games
Activity 12 – Team roles assessment
Activity 13 – Speed of trust
Activity 14 – Trust walk
Activity 15 – The Iceberg; Dysfunctional Behaviours and Functional Behaviours
Activity 16 – Activity Big Mind Big Heart role play and meditation; Activity on managing negative emotions
Activity 17 – Managing a Blow up; Journaling activity on managing negative emotions
Activity 18 – Identify Stages of Emotions and Change; The healing process – resilience technique after a deep set back
Activity 19 – Emotional Intelligence Assessment; A full assessment of my Emotional Intelligence quotient; The assessment covers 5 areas of EQ competence
Activity 20 – My talents, gifts and unique skills; Understanding my Purpose
Activity 21 – The Appreciation Game (team building)