Being Happy for No Reason


“People in our society are so busy trying to acquire things in order to make themselves happy, but it never really works. I know there is a state called “happy for no reason”. It’s a neuro-physiological state of peace and well being. Happiness leaves clues. The first and most important of these clues is an overall feeling of trust in the universe. What I have found with truly happy people is they all feel a sense of trust that the universe and life are unfolding exactly as they should. Even though the outer circumstances may not always look the way they want them to look. In addition truly happy people look for the gift in anything that happens. So if something doesn’t exactly match what they want, they’re able to see the gift in it.

They also lean into or favour what it is that makes them feel good. Rather than putting all their attention and energy into what makes them feel bad, they habituate or favour what makes them feel good. They also bring a sense of purpose with them wherever they go. Feeling a sense of purpose in whatever we’re doing, at all times, is so critical to our happiness. And being happy allows us to bring joy to whatever it is we’re doing. When you are living life aligned with your passions you’re living life aligned with your soul and your soul’s destiny. That is what brings happiness.” Marci Shimoff: Happy for No Reason