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Imsimbi Training together with Meriting Youth Development provide learnerships for Disabled learners

Meriting Youth Development makes learnerships for People Living with Disabilities (PWD) a smooth process accommodating a full house skills development solution.

Our 12-month organized work-based learnership is aligned with clients who want to sponsor PWD learnerships but who are unable to accommodate PWDs in their own workplace. With a combination of theory and experiential learning, our learnerships are structured to allow our PWD learners to succeed in the world of work.

In terms of Capacity Meriting always accommodates our client’s requirements. Meriting is Flexible towards the client’s needs therefore we offer both on-site and off-site learnerships options. We strive to recruit learners that fit the client’s demographic needs for the client to gain maximum B-BBEE score. Our Facilities are central to accommodate minimum spend on transport for our PWD learners. After the theory component of the learnership, Meriting will find the PWD learners suitable Practical Experience that will allow each learner to thrive. Statistics show that once a learner volunteers at an organization for 10 months there is an 80% chance that the learner will be retained for full-time employment after the learnership.

People Living with Disabilities learnerships with Meriting Youth Development include the following processes:

  • Recruitment of learners with disabilities
  • Training the Seta accredited Learnership Programme for learners with disabilities: NQF 4 NQF 5
  • Learnership administration
  • Roll out plans for 12 months compiled in consultation with the organisation
  • Facilitation, assessment and moderation of the learnership programme
  • Portfolio of Evidence management
  • Project Management of training site
  • Mentoring and coaching of PWD learner
  • Support to ensure 100% successful completion rat
  • Uploading of credits
  • Quarterly Learnership Management Reporting
  • External Moderation management with the SETA
  • Certification of learners
  • Ensuring the client receives a R33,600 Tax Rebates p/p from SARS
  • Training venues for learners with Disabilities (reasonable accommodation criteria)
  • Hosting of learners with Disabilities in real work life environment (Off-Site)
  • Payroll administration of stipends
  • PWD and General Employee support (online or telephonic)

Increase your Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) rating by investing in Skills Development for People Living with Disabilities. Disability learnerships will boost your companies B-BBEE scorecard by more than 12 points. Learnerships count 6 points for 5% of total permanent employees on a learnership. The learnership will require a skill spend contributing to both the general skills spend target (6 points for a spend of 3.5% of payroll on training of black employees), as well as the specific target for skills, spend on disabled employees, of 0.3% of payroll for 3 points. This will also support the Employment Equity target of 3% of employees with disabilities for 2 points. The cumulative effect of the multiple impacts in different aspects of the BBBEE scorecard could well result in more than 12 points. When implementing disabled learnerships, employers will improve the lives of these less fortunate people and claim key points on their B-BBEE scorecard.
Meriting Youth Development & Imsimbi have successfully run disabled learnerships for the following organizations:

  • ABB
  • Crosstate
  • Diversary SA
  • Improved Clinical Pathways Services
  • SWE
  • Baroque Medical
  • Equal Trade
  • Perato Limited
  • Mowana Properties

Companies wishing to run disabled learnerships, please phone Zipho at 071 315-6700 or on 011 339-1596 or email zipho@meriting.org.za for a cost-effective quote

Disabled Learnership Recruitment

Meriting also provides a disabled learnership recruitment service. Imsimbi together with Meriting has run many disabled learnership projects. This is a comprehensive service from recruitment of the learner, to training the disabled learner, and finally helping to find the learners placements in the workplace. Through coaching and assisting these disabled learners through the 12 month learnership process we ensure a high completion and success rate.

Unemployed Learnership Recruitment

Imsimbi Training’s provides an unemployed learnership recruitment service. Meriting our NPO partner prepares 250 unemployed youth per annum, for entry into the job market. Meriting has over 1000 suitable unemployed youth on their data base. Should any of our clients need to recruit unemployed youth for your learnership programmes, Meriting through Imsimbi would love to assist with this service.

Workplace Skills Plan Consulting

Imsimbi Training consultants provide a full service for assisting clients in drawing up their workplace skills plans and annual training reports.

We ensure that your workplace skills plan is aligned to the Setas critical and scarce skills, so as to ensure discretionary grants can be accessed from the Setas. We ensure that your WSP is aligned to funded learnership applications if the client requires this. Imsimbi Training will assist the client to ensure that your applications for discretionary grant funded learnerships, meets all the seta’s requirements to ensure maximum funding.

Employment Equity Consulting

Imsimbi Training provides an employment equity consulting service. Clients who need assistance in drawing up their employment equity plans and policies can be assisted by Imsimbi Training. Drawing up the employment equity annual reports for the Department of Labour is also part of the service we offer. Aligning the employment equity plan to the diversity training programmes and employment equity committee training programmes ensures a high success rate.

Mentoring & Coaching

Imsimbi Training provides an executive coaching service. Imsimbi has a database of experienced senior coaches who can deliver coaching services for both middle and senior management. Imsimbi has provided many executive coaching services to our existing clients. Please request a quotation for this service.