Our Outer World reflects Our Inner World


“Most people hold a lot of grudges and resentments, not only toward other people, but toward themselves. That unforgiving nature most humans have is a reflection of the internal world where we’re beating ourselves up.

The way we see the external world is always a mirror of our internal world.

“People internally are beating themselves up, and then all of a sudden they wonder why they’re doing things in the outer world to beat themselves up. It’s just a way to affirm those internal messages most of us have that we’re not good enough or we’ll never get what we want.

“To stop sabotaging ourselves, we begin by forgiving ourselves for being part of the human race, with flaws and imperfections, misbehaving and sometimes making wrong choices. We have to forgive ourselves for being flawed, for being imperfect, for not doing it right, for not always behaving.

“The foundation of our training is self forgiveness, because if you can forgive yourself internally and have compassion and openheartedness toward that sweet and vulnerable child who lives inside you, then you will create those kinds of magical moments in the outer world. The outer world will reflect that self-love…

“I love the analogy that we’re like these great pieces of art. A sculptor would look at a piece of stone, and they can see the magnificence in it. They know what the creation is, so all they have to do is chisel away anything that’s not it, and there they are. They have a masterpiece. That’s all we have to do. We don’t have to become anything, we already are everything we ever wanted to be, and we just have to chisel away anything that is distracting us or blocking us from seeing that magnificent self. Then voila, we wind up in our power naturally.” (Janet & Chris Attwood: The Passion Test)