The Law of Pure Potentiality


The true essence of who we are is pure consciousness. The Source of all creation is pure consciousness, or pure potentiality, seeking to express itself into form. When we realize that our inner being, the Spirit that animates our mind and bodies, is one of pure potentiality, we are then in alignment with the power that manifests everything in the Universe. Anything is possible and there is unlimited creativity.

The Universe knows no limits. The potential of the Universe and everything in it is unlimited. The only limits are the one’s we impose through our fears, doubts, uncertainty, lack of faith, lack of confidence, or any other lower level emotion.

If you feel limits in your life, your Ego will feel fear, and then desire things that will make you feel “free”, such as money, prestige and power. What happens to you when all these objects disappear? Your freedom was conditional. If in your love, in your faith, you know that you are part of the Universe, that the Universe will provide all your needs when you require them, then you are unlimited in your potential. You are then truly free.

If you know and develop a relationship with Source, then act As If you were part of Source, you will be in touch with pure potentiality. That is why the practice of meditation is so powerful. When you allow yourself to be silent to just be, you develop the connection with Source, with pure potentiality. When we commune with nature and witness the intelligence within every living thing, we are connected to pure potentiality. How do you feel when you listen to the waves of the ocean crash up against the shore? Pure potentiality created all that and more.

You are unlimited. Know only love, there is no need to fear, know that you are part of pure potentiality. Anything is possible, because nothing is impossible. When you are in alignment with the Law of Pure Potentiality, you feel centered and at peace.

From The 7 Essential Universal Laws by Christy Whitman