• Imsimbi is committed to transformation in South Africa, and we try and live these values as a company.
  • Imsimbi Training is a level 1 BBBEE company. We are a 51% black-owned company.
  • The Imsimbi staff trust owns 10% of the company. The Staff Trust is mostly made up of black female youth.
  • Black women ownership of Imsimbi is 8.39%.
  • The designated individuals in the Imsimbi ownership structure is 38%.
  • Imsimbi Training has been a Level 1 BBBEE company for the past five years, and we are confident that we will keep this level 1 BBBEE score going forward.
  • Imsimbi spends between 15-20% of its profits per annum on socio-economic development for poor black communities. Imsimbi spends over R1 million per annum on bursaries for unemployed black youth.