Anger Management Course

Our Anger Management Course is accredited by the Services Seta and material covers unit standard 252031 at NQF level 5 with 4 credits.

Course Duration: 2 Days

We South Africans live under extreme levels of stress. Many of us do not know how to deal with anger and frustration.

Misdirected anger is evident in

  • road rage incidents
  • violence against women and children
  • acts of criminality
  • family feuds
  • incidents at sports events

Unfortunately much of this anger is also expressed inappropriately in the workplace, leading to a breakdown of good interpersonal relationships and harmony in the workplace. Are your levels of anger appropriate in your management of people in the workplace? Are you able to control and direct your anger in the workplace in ways that are constructive and productive? Is anger an obstacle to your career development and growth?

This programme is designed to provide learners with insights and tools to

  • Better understand the nature of anger
  • Identify types of anger
  • Appreciate the positive functions of anger
  • Learn new strategies for dealing with anger
  • Transform your anger
  • Take responsibility for your anger
Course Duration: 2 Days

This course has been designed for supervisors, team leaders and employees dealing with people both inside and outside their workplaces. It aims to assist people with the skills necessary to identify the anger in themselves and others; understand the causes of anger and explore methods for dealing with and expressing anger in appropriate ways.

  • Identify the causes of anger
  • Understand the role anger plays in a person’s emotional makeup
  • Analyse why and how anger becomes a problem for people
  • Increase anger awareness in oneself
  • Learn methods for dealing with anger
  • De-escalate anger in yourself and others
  • Learn how to keep cool under pressure
Course Duration: 2 Days

Module 1 Identify the nature, causes and purpose of anger

  • Defining Anger
  • Brain Chemistry
  • The Role of Stress and Trauma
  • Causes of Anger

Module 2 What does anger management mean?

  • The Purpose of Anger
  • Demystifying Anger

Module 3 Understand different types of anger

  • Suppressed Anger
  • Openly Aggressive Anger
  • Passive-Aggressive Anger
  • Frustration Driven Anger
  • Predatory Anger

Module 4 Appreciate the positive functions of anger

  • Anger with Respect
  • Increasing Anger Awareness

Module 5 Develop strategies for dealing with anger

  • Recognising the “Hot Buttons
  • Understanding the message
  • Recognising what the language is telling us
  • Recognising the Anger Themes
  • Understanding the Illusion of Control
  • Strategies for Dealing with Anger

Module 6 Facing the consequences of angry behaviour

  • Loss of Freedom
  • Physical damage to others
  • Fractured Relationships

Module 7 Transforming Anger

  • Awareness and contemplation
  • Personalisation

Module 8 Anger Management techniques

  • L.A.S.T – Coping Strategy:
  • Disputation
  • Change how you react to stress
  • Communication Skills