Call Centre & Customer Service Course

Our Call Centre & Customer Service Course is accredited by the Services Seta and material covers unit standard 14348 at NQF level 2 worth 3 credits.

Course Duration: 1 Day

A training programme for Call Centre staff who need to improve their customer service and telephone skills.

Course Duration: 1 Day
By the end of the course, participants should be able to:
  • Define what is my role as a Call Centre Agent
  • Understanding the full use of the telephone equipment
  • Dealing with incoming calls as efficiently and politely as possible
  • Stress the importance of acknowledging callers and keeping them informed at all times
  • Describe standard telephone etiquette for answering calls, transferring calls and making calls
  • Understand how to operate the telephone and contact centre equipment
  • Ask probing questions to find out the purpose of the call and transfer to the correct person or department
  • Capturing and logging the customer query on the computer information system
  • Resolving customer queries promptly
  • Prepare all necessary documentation and equipment prior to making an outgoing call
  • Speaking eloquently and clearly on the phone
  • The importance of ATTITUDE in my role
  • Why should I be nice / civil to anybody
  • Develop daily BEHAVIORS to be the best I can be
  • Grooming myself for success
  • Inviting Customers into the business with your superior TELEPHONE SKILLS
  • Developing an understanding of Customer requirements by LISTENING
  • Taking PRIDE in displaying courtesy and civility to others
  • Clarify what is meant by customer service
  • Explore who our customers are and what their diverse needs are
  • Two way communication: open ended questions
  • Use questioning techniques to identify specific needs of customers
  • Explore the values and attitudes necessary for excellence in customer care
  • Discuss my role and responsibilities when serving customers
  • Dealing with customer queries effectively and efficiently
  • How to handle conflict and conflict resolution techniques
  • How to handle difficult customers and abusive callers
  • Explain the importance of product knowledge in customer care
  • Understanding how to deal with Confidential and non - disclosable information
Course Duration: 1 Day

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