Integrated Environmental Management for new EAPs.

Sustainable Insights Academy, together with Imsimbi Training, proudly presents a
Six-Day Course: on Integrated Environmental Management for new EAPs.
EAP & ECO Skills – 6 DAYS (SI-100001)
Sustainable Insights Academy is a fully accredited training provider with the QCTO, number SDP200623044650

Course Duration: 6 Days

Delegates entering this programme should use this as a launching pad for a career in: ESG, Sustainability Reporting, Environmental Consulting, and the broader circular/green economy etc. Key careers that you could pursue with this introductory course are:

• ESG & Sustainability Reporting
• Environmental Assessment Practitioner
• Environmental Control Officer,
• Environmental Officer, and
• Environmental Science Technician.

This programme is designed to provide new entrants to the environmental sector with integrated practical knowledge, from case law and case studies with the skills to operate as an EAP/ESG consultant or an ECO. This course will get you started. It is backed by an institution with many years’ experience in training.

Course Duration: 6 Days

• Environmental Assessment Practitioner
• Occupational Certificate: Environmental Science Technician (NQF Level 6)
• National Certificate: Environmental Management (NQF Level 5)
• Further Education & Training Certificate: Environmental Practice (NQF Level 4)
• National Certificate: Environmental Practice (NQF Level 3)
• National Certificate: Environmental Practice (NQF Level 2)

Course Duration: 6 Days


• Topic 1: Introduction to Integrated Environmental Management sector
• Topic 2: Overview of Environmental Management and the Circular/Green Economy
• Topic 3: Introduction to the IEM Legal and Regulatory Framework
• Topic 4: Overview of key legislation and regulations for EAPs/ECO & ESG aspiring professionals
• Topic 5: Occupational health and safety legislation & its link to Environmental Management
• Topic 6: Basic Skills & Tools of an Environmental Assessment professional
• Topic 7: Personal Aptitude & Professionalism
• Topic 8: Research & ability to formulate and investigate environmental issues/problems
• Topic 9: Working knowledge of the basic biogeochemical cycles, ecosystems and the concept of Environment
• Topic 10: Project Management & Workplace Skills for EAPs/ESG Professionals & ECOs
• Topic 11: Communication Skills (Verbal and Written)
• Topic 12: Integrated Environmental Management Tools
• Topic 13: Case Studies and Environmental Case Law


• Topic 1: Case Law and Environmental Jurisprudence in South Africa
• Topic 2: Listed Activities: Listing Notices 1, 2 and 3 of the EIA Regulations
• Topic 3: Impact Assessment Methodology
• Topic 4: Identify impacts, specialist studies and draft terms of reference for a specialist and/or subconsultant
• Topic 5: Report Writing: Compiling an Environmental Report – Basic Assessment