Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 Basics Course

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Course Duration: 1 Day

Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 incorporates some new features that will help make managing your e-mail and personal information easier than ever. This course will help students get comfortable with the Outlook 2016 interface, creating and sending messages, managing contacts, using the calendar, managing tasks, and working with notes.

Getting Started with Outlook 2016

To begin this course, students will learn how to navigate the Outlook interface, perform basic e-mail functions, and use Outlook help (including the new Tell Me feature).

Composing Messages

This lesson covers how to create an e-mail message, check spelling and grammar, and format message content. Then, students will learn about e-mail attachments, enhancing messages, and managing automatic message content.

Reading and Responding to Messages

Next, students will learn how to customise reading options, work with attachments, and manage message responses.

Managing Your Messages

This lesson focuses on managing messages using tags, flags, and other commands, as well as organising messages using folders.

Managing Your Calendar

In this lesson, students will learn how to view and print the calendar, as well as how to manage appointments and meetings.

Managing Your Contacts

How to create, update, view, and organise contacts using the People workspace will be covered in this lesson.

Working with Tasks and Notes

This lesson is all about managing tasks and notes.

Customising the Outlook Environment

This final lesson covers how to customise the Outlook interface, as well as creating and managing Quick Steps.

Course Duration: 1 Day

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Course Duration: 1 Day
Lesson 1: Getting Started with Outlook 2016
  • Topic A: Navigate the Outlook Interface
  • Topic B: Perform Basic E-mail Functions
  • Topic C: Use Outlook Help
Lesson 2: Composing Messages
  • Topic A: Create an E-mail Message
  • Topic B: Check Spelling and Grammar
  • Topic C: Format Message Content
  • Topic D: Attach Files and Items
  • Topic E: Enhance an E-mail Message
  • Topic F: Manage Automatic Message Content
Lesson 3: Reading and Responding to Messages
  • Topic A: Customise Reading Options
  • Topic B: Work with Attachments
  • Topic C: Manage Your Message Responses
Lesson 4: Managing Your Messages
  • Topic A: Manage Messages Using Tags, Flags, and Other Commands
  • Topic B: Organise Messages Using Folders
Lesson 5: Managing Your Calendar
  • Topic A: View the Calendar
  • Topic B: Manage Appointments
  • Topic C: Manage Meetings
  • Topic D: Print Your Calendar
Lesson 6: Managing Your Contacts
  • Topic A: Create and Update Contacts
  • Topic B: View and Organise Contacts
Lesson 7: Working with Tasks and Notes
  • Topic A: Create Tasks
  • Topic B: Manage Tasks
  • Topic C: Manage Notes