Become a partner in youth empowerment


Would you like to contribute towards youth employment? There is more than one way that you can make a difference in the lives of young South Africans.

Meriting, a registered NPO, together with Imsimbi Training are offering a job readiness programme for unemployed youth.

They are looking for partners who wish to join in sponsoring this programme. Together Imsimbi Training and the sponsoring partner would be able to set up this training programme in any part of South Africa.

The sponsoring partner would need to cover the costs of paying for a facilitator and an assessor. In addition the sponsor will be expected to provide a training venue. Meriting will manage the project, while Imsimbi Training will conduct the training.

This is a free two month programme in which young people will be able to learn a number of work entry skills with the purpose of assisting them gain employment after the two month period has ended.

“We believe this course will go a long way in helping prepare youth to enter the world of work.” – Imsimbi Training.

The aim is to run this programme every two months over a 12 month period. It can also be offered as a once off two month course. At the start of each programme 30 young people will be invited to participate.

Imsimbi Training is offering this programme as part of its social responsibility commitments. “We are happy to work together with community organisations and businesses in setting up such programmes.”

Under the new BBBEE codes commencing on the 1st May 2015, businesses need to spend 1% of their payroll costs per annum on training unemployed youth to meet their skills development targets.

“This project will give your organisation the opportunity to train unemployed youth.”

Businesses taking on unemployed youth as interns also qualify for a R1,000 tax rebate per month from SARS, and therefore only have to pay the intern an effective minimum of R1,000 per month. Businesses also get BBBEE points under skills development for taking on unemployed youth as interns or as employees.

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Source: skillsportal